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I need a water filtration system. ?

What kind should I get? If not cost prohibitive I'd like it attached such that the water throughout my entire home is clean. If that's too expensive, just the kitchen sink.

I have experimentally tested Pur and Brita filters, and whilst they do remove nearly all sodium and sediments, therefor making it taste significantly better, they remove very little heavy metals which may be toxic and carcinogenic.

How much would a high quality dobule osmosis system cost?

Posted by Frenzy

I recently bought a water filter for my kitchen, the use of which costs 9 cents a gallon, (the price of the filter is 100$). From what I read in their site, it removes most of the contaminants, even more than much more expensive filters. They also have a whole house filter which costs, I think, about 800$ and it needs replacement every 300.000 gallons, which is about 3 years or more for a family.
I have read some articles where they say that reverse osmosis filters as well as water distillers, remove even more contaminants, but also some minerals vital for our health, and they also cost a lot more. This is the reason I chose a fairly cheap, simple, but also very good filter.

What is bad about water filtration system?

Please include sites that helps / answers the question!

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Problems With Whole House Water Filters Are Usually The Result of Inferior Filtration Systems.


Should we switch to a Salt water filtration system for our pool?

Anyone who has experience converting please help. I will take all the advise I can get. Is it really cheaper, what's the best filter, etc???

Posted by SJM

Salt water pools are gaining in popularity and they can do some neat things, but are often misunderstood. I will try to put it into the simplest of terms and not go into a big chemistry lesson….

Salt is put in the pool for means of sanitation (killing bacteria) and not filtration (removing particles from the water). Often, people think that getting a salt system means they won't have chlorine in the pool, and that simply isn't true. You are just manufacturing chlorine on site out of the salt that is present in the pool.

Equipment is plumbed into the pool's system, usually at the equipment. The equipment will usually consist of a control unit and a 'cell'. The control unit is the monitor station that will keep track of the chlorine level in the pool and turn the cell on and off when chlorine is needed. The 'cell' is the working part of the unit that in the most simple terms 'zaps' the salt in the water, turning it into chlorine.

In the most basic terms, that is what a salt system does.

Pros of salt chlorinators: They are convenient when it comes to monitoring chlorine levels. The presence of salt in the water makes the water feel 'soft' or slippery. Also, the chemistry of the water is slightly more alligned to your own body chemistry.

STOP there. If anyone tells you it is cheaper or maintenance free, they have either not had one for more than 5 years, or are trying to sell you something.

There are cons to the system. While it is true that you do not have to monitor chlorine levels in the pool, you will still have to monitor PH levels, so don't get the impression that the equipment will do everything for you. Although salt is cheap, the 'cell' on the unit has a limited life, typically four years, depending on the size of the cell and gallonage of the pool. Replacement cost of a typical cell: $400-$600. That buys a lot of chlorine, and that is what a salesperson won't tell you up front.

Also in areas where the mineral content is high and a cartridge filter is used, concentrations of minerals will get extremely high after a few years and cause calcification of tile and equipment. Remember that salt is corrosive, and will slowly eat the equipment out from the inside (if you have a heater) as well as pit the deck if you have concrete or flagstone.

My advice to you is to talk to as many people you can that have had the setup for MORE than a couple of years and see what they have run into. Salt does work in a lot of areas in the country, but can be bad news in areas that are dependent on well water. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but you have to be able to separate what is real and what is hype.

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water filtration systems

water filtration systems


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